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Argus in the Community

Argus takes its responsibility to its local community seriously. Argus aims to be a good citizen, contributing back to the areas in which it operates.


Argus donates money to many international charities each year. Staff are asked to nominate specific organisations and the Argus Board of Directors decides which ones to support.

Charities that Argus supports in 2017/18 include:

In addition, Argus supports staff who raise money for charities, for example by matching donations for sponsored events. Argus also participates in externally organised fund-raising activities including events run by the Carl McCain Memorial Foundation, Doctors of the World, the Histiocytosis Foundation and many others.


All of the Argus offices operate recycling policies. We recycle paper, food waste that goes into electricity and heat generation and fertilizer, IT equipment, toner cartridges and batteries among other things.


Argus is an equal opportunities employer and our staff includes people of many nationalities and cultural backgrounds, different ages and genders, and physical abilities.

Argus’ gender pay report for 2017 can be viewed here. 

Argus also takes steps to ensure that third parties we work with have proper employment rights and benefits. For example, in its UK offices, Argus requires that contractors pay the London living wage as a minimum to their staff.

For further information about Argus’ community activities, please email us at or contact your local office.