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Argus Asian Petroleum Coke 2017

 Argus Asian Petroleum Coke 2017, due to be held in Mumbai, India is the ideal venue for market knowledge and unlimited networking opportunities

A comprehensive understanding of fuel-grade petroleum coke

The petroleum coke sector in India is undergoing momentous changes. Crude price growth has had a knock-on effect on related commodities such as petroleum coke and diesel, sending import prices higher. Cement companies are reducing their prices after India’s demonitisation policy reduced cement demand, especially among households. And buyers are also facing high coal prices.

The conference will discuss the short-term and long-term implications of the price surge and India’s regulatory policies. Other issues covered include fuel price increases and the impact on power generation in India. In addition to a comprehensive program that includes a half-day coal exclusive, the 8th annual Argus Asian Petroleum Coke 2017 conference is designed to bring participants closer to their next major business deal.

Arrangements are being made to give attendees the opportunity for smooth networking, comprising a pre-event registration and cocktail reception on 25 April 2017, a speed networking session and a bigger, more spacious venue for comfortable networking. 

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2017 featured speakers

Surinder Gupta
K.C Ghandhi
Jayantha Mohapatra Speaker
Anup Agarwalla Speaker
Surider Kumar Gupta
Dalmia Bharat

K.C. Gandhi
Shree Cements

Jayantha Mohapatra
Gulf Petrochemicals

Anup Agarwalla
BLA Power

2017 Event Highlights

  • Participation from more than 250 industry players globally
    Expect to meet and interact with more than 150 companies from the petroleum coke, cement, power, coal, steel and related sectors and trade industries worldwide in a lively atmosphere.
  • Topical Discussions 
    India's domestic export market, price surge in petroleum coke and related power generation fuels, Middle East export and import market, regulatory updates in India and China and many more
  • Networking Highlights!
    Pre-event cocktail reception, roundtable discussions, speed networking and allocated time slots with refreshments are all set up to cater to our business-savvy crowd.
  • Pre-Event Exclusive: Coal
    Because coal is one of the major influences on petroleum coke, and vice-versa, the event offers a half-day pre-conference session providing updates on coal markets, prices and regulatory changes. The session has been designed to allow our participants to reach out to a wider selection of industries.

Pre-Conference Forum, Plenary Sessions, Panel Discussions, Welcome Reception and Speed Networking - Join us for all!

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