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Argus Global Antimony 2018

Geert Krekel
Geert Krekel, Chair of Board of Directors, International Antimony Association

Geert Krekel was the chief executive of Campine, one of the main producers of Sb substances in Europe, until September 2017. He is one of the founders of the International Antimony Association and its current chairman. He has been a key contributor to the development and growth of the lead and antimony recycling and raw materials business, embedding industrial and business processes in a sustainable and regulatory context.

2018 Speakers
Maurits Bruggink
Maurits Bruggink,
Secretary General, Critical Raw Material Alliance

Maurits Bruggink is secretary-general of the Critical Raw Materials Alliance, representing 15 critical raw materials and of which the International Antimony Association is a member, representing the interests of the sector to policymakers at a European level and in member states. He has been involved in international advocacy and government affairs for over 30 years in different positions.

Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt,
German Mineral Resources Agency (DERA), Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR)

Michael Schmidt is a research associate at the German Mineral Resources Agency (DERA) in Berlin, part of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR). He is a geologist with practical experience in exploration, global market analysis and consultancy. Between 2009 and 2012, Michael worked for Martin Luther University Halle – Wittenberg in the CCS technology sector. He has also worked for various junior mining companies (mostly silver and gold but also antimony). Since October 2012, Michael has worked in risk analysis for different commodities including antimony, PGMs and lithium. In this position he is also a consultant to German industry on commodity related issues.

Charles Swindon
Charles Swindon,
Managing Director, RJH Trading

Charles Swindon has worked in the metals industry for more than 35 years, spending many years with Rudolf Wolff, the founder members of the London Metal Exchange, before setting up RJH Trading in May 1997. RJH puts together antimony deals from mines to smelter to consumers. It also trades in other minor metals, ferro-alloys, non-ferrous metals and precious metals. 

Vitaliy Butkeev
Vitaliy Butkeev,
Head of Logistics, GPM Chemicresource

Vitaliy Butkeev is Head of Logistics at GPM Chemicresource and has experience in logistics such as cargo delivery, customs clearing and warehouse management.

Vitaliy Butkeev
He Mengchang,
Professor, School of Environment Beijing Normal University

He Mengchang is currently professor at the School of Environment at Beijing Normal University. He was a visiting fellow at Johns Hopkins University in 2005.

Vitaliy Butkeev
Yuichi Hattori,
General Manager of Sales Department, Suzuhiro Chemical

Yuichi Hattori is general manager of the sales department at Suzuhiro Chemical. He worked at Albemarle Japan during 1987-2010 and was in charge of technical and sales of brominated flame retardants. He joined Suzuhiro Chemical in 2015.

Vitaliy Butkeev
Sally Xu,
Market Analyst, Argus

Sally Xu joined Argus Beijing in July 2017. She focuses on researching the antimony and tungsten markets with responsibility for updating prices, news reporting and market analysis.

Vitaliy Butkeev
Hans Vercammen,
Business Unit Head - Antimony and Plastics, Campine

Hans Vercammen joined Campine in February 2016 as business unit manager responsible for antimony trioxide and fire retardant master batches, He previously worked at Agoria/Sirris offering consultancy in material technology and advanced manufacturing. He spent six years at Umicore as operations manager in the electro-optic materials business unit, dealing with germanium substrates, IR optics and germanium-based chemicals.

Vitaliy Butkeev
Caroline Braibant,
Secretary General, International Antimony Association

Caroline Braibant took over the position of secretary-general of the International Antimony Association in July 2016. She joined the metals association in 2007 with the task to set up and manage the association and REACH consortium for the European precious metals sector. She joined Eurometaux’ EHS and REACH team in 2014 and was in charge of managing regulatory issues related to ECHA’s classification and labelling inventory, transport classification, data sharing, nanomaterials, RoHS, waste classification, Seveso, and others.

International Antimony Association

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