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Argus Biofuels Asia 2017

The inaugural Argus Biofuels Asia 2017 will be held on 12-13 June.

Biofuels have emerged as an alternative to conventional petroleum sources given they emit fewer harmful pollutants. Many countries have started using this alternative fuel to reduce their dependence on oil, while several nations have converted to 100pc biofuel use. Vehicle use is increasing in Asia in particular, boosting demand for diesel and gasoline. Governments looking to reduce carbon emissions have implemented mandates requiring a certain proportion of ethanol to be used in gasoline blending. However, production of these biofuels is costly making them expensive.

The Inaugural Argus Biofuels Asia 2017 conference will feature high-level discussions on the global biofuels market, including analysis of demand, supply and trading conditions. The event will also discuss the latest pricing mechanisms for ethanol and biodiesel and market reactions to rapid gains in the crude price. 

Discussion Topics:

  • Analysis of global biofuels use, feedstocks and production quantity
  • Conventional vs unconventional fuels
  • Crude price volatility and its implications for biodiesel and ethanol
  • Regional study of green fuel purchases and government mandates
  • Electric cars and the impact on demand for liquid fuels
  • Diesel vs gasoline: The impact on greener alternatives
  • Competing oxygenates for improved gasoline emissions

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* If you will like to attend the conference as a speaker or join  the advisory committee, please contact Kokila Sundram

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