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On-demand webinars and podcasts

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On-demand webinars and podcasts 

28 March 2017 
Americas fuel oil markets brace for 2020

23 March 2017 
Canadian liquids in the global market

21 March 2017 
Oregon LCFS is heating up

14 March 2017 
Perspectivas para o mercado brasileiro de fertilizantes no 2º trimestre de 2017

08 March 2017 
US Biofuels and RINs Outlook

02 March 2017 
El mercado de refinados en México: Actualización de la apertura y oportunidades

01 March 2017 
Mexican fuels update: the opening process and its opportunities

28 February 2017 
Overhauling railroad regulations in the Trump Era

23 February 2017 
Metals in 2017: Expecting the unexpected

22 February 2017 
Outlook for US Polyolefins markets

14 February 2017 
Americas bunkers: Pre and post 2020 regulation outlook

08 December 2016 
2017 Petroleum Coke Outlook

07 December 2016 
Reporting North American natural gas  prices to Argus

06 December 2016 
2017 Seaborne Coal Outlook

17 November 2016 
Propylene shows strong growth – how long will it last?

10 November 2016 
The Politics of Energy: Post-election

26 October 2016 
Post-crisis scenarios for Venezuela’s oil and gas

12 October 2016 
The emerging price discovery role of US Gulf coast crude markets

29 September 2016 
The Politics of Energy: Pre-election

28 September 2016 
When will the oil market re-balance?

24 August 2016 
Outlook for RINs, LCFS and American biofuels markets

18 August 2016
California natural gas markets: What will happen after Aliso Canyon?

18 August 2016
Evolving markets for condensate and naphtha

03 August 2016
New trends in the US-Asia LPG trade

28 July 2016
Mid-year outlook for US polyolefins markets

13 July 2016
Tungsten – A global market overview and outlook

7 July 2016
Benzene forward curves – pricing the future

7 July 2016
Marine fuels update: Global regulations effect on bunker fuel mix

6 July 2016
Canadian crude market fundamentals at the US Gulf Coast

6 July 2016
'Phase 4: Where will the landing zones be?'- EU Emissions Trading Scheme amendments

30 June 2016
The Mexican opportunity: Refined product trade and crude production

28 June 2016
Global ethylene and PE balances 2011-2025

28 June 2016
El mercado internacional y la reforma energética en México

22 June 2016
North American LNG exports start amid murky future

21 June 2016
MTO: The link between two vastly different markets

15 June 2016
Booming trade in the Americas tanker market

10 June 2016
Polymers mid-year outlook

2 June 2016
Growth of European small-scale LNG

1 June 2016
Argus FMB fertilizer outlooks - Urea
Argus FMB fertilizer outlooks - Phosphates
Argus FMB fertilizer outlooks - Sulphur
Argus FMB fertilizer outlooks - Ammonia

18 May 2016

Minor metals: An already oversupplied titanium market prepares for more supply

13 May 2016
Coking coal and metallurgical coke price outlook

11 May 2016
Ferrous scrap: Rising prices defy the outlook for finished steel sales

4 May 2016
Minor metals: How production cutbacks are set to impact molybdenum and cobalt prices

4 May 2016
Bulk ferro-alloys: Difficult 2015, challenging 2016

27 April 2016
Nickel and stainless steel: An outlook for 2016

21 April 2016

Seaborne thermal coal: smaller market finding its footing?

21 April 2016
Developing fertilizer markets in sub-Saharan Africa

19 April 2016
Argus price discovery for the US Gulf coast propane cargo market

13 April 2016

Copper: A look at what lies ahead for an industry eager to brush off 2015

12 April 2016

Outlook for US refined product exports to Latin America

30 March 2016

Opportunities for US LNG in an oversupplied market

10 March 2016

The US Gulf coast’s rising role in global crude oil price discovery

9 March 2016
A world in balance, or a world imbalance?

3 March 2016
Biomass trading and risk management

1 March 2016

Seminário online Argus : Perspectivas para o mercado de fertilizantes na safrinha 2016 (Available in Portuguese only)

18 February 2016

The great escape: Moving marcellus gas to the north, west and south

18 February 2016
Polyolefin market outlook: Will polyolefin margins be sustained?

17 February 2016